Start a blog…

I’ve  had a few attempts at starting blogs for various studious reasons. It’s a really common requirement of university study now, particularly design study to document your process so it can be assessed. It’s also supposed to be a good way to start your own online business, build a profile, change the world etc etc… the list goes on. But what’s it really like, how do you get starting and my biggest block has always been what do you write about?

If like me you have a bit of trouble classifying your interests or perhaps you have really normal interests for a particular group in society its just that you don’t actually share many of the other characteristics of that group. I can be hard to feel qualified to write for that group, but I’m going to give it a go anyway.

I’m vaguely envisaging this blog to be a record probably mostly for myself of the various investigations I undertake when I should be doing something else. Possibly it will become a record of gradual decline in job and study performance. I hope not. It’s predicated on the idea that many of us out there are driven by curiosity, have some spare mental capacity and generally love to have a project idea or two on the mental hob. These half baked ideas are sometimes stewing away, sometimes percolating, often waiting for another half idea ingredient to be added before they start to give of the warm steamy odors of real potential. It’s good to season them now and then with a little extra insight or stir them with a new tool or process to help bring them to life. Often you have to spend time looking for these new elements, but sometimes they just present themselves.

This blog is a place for me to put the element I find and try in one place, mostly for me to look at but also the share them with anyone else who might be interested. Please, enjoy.


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